Friday, August 3, 2012

DECAYING Announces New Album Title And Track Listing

Finnish death metallers DECAYING have set "The Last Days Of War" as the title of their of new album, tentatively due in early 2013 through Hellthrasher Productions. The CD will feature eight tracks, clocking in at approximately 46 minutes.

"The Last Days Of War" track listing:

01. Preparation
02. Code Name Overlord
03. The Ardennes Offensive
04. Firestorm
05. The Last Days Of War
06. Passchendaele
07. El Alamein
08. The Pacific

Regarding how the upcoming album compares to 2011's critically acclaimed "Encirclement", DECAYING vocalist and guitarist Matias Nastolin said, "Musically, 'The Last Days Of War' is going to have a little more doom metal influences than "Encirclement" had, perhaps it's more in the vein of our first release, 'Devastate'. Nevertheless, all of the songs mangle their way forward like a sledgehammer — really heavy, generally mid-paced and riff-oriented. Even the doomier parts won't slow the songs down, and we think everything remains interesting from start to finish.

"'The Last Days Of War' is a concept album, telling about some of the last events in both second and first World Wars; battles like the Invasion of Normandy, Battle Of The Bulge, events on the Pacific theatre and the horrors in the fields of Passchendaele. So the lyrical theme still remains close to what it was on 'Encirclement'; the focus is on real subjects and history."

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