Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wrong New Album ‘Pessimistic Outcomes’ Playing At Invisible Oranges

Starting today, Invisible Oranges is streaming the entire second full-length from Spanish avant-garde black-metal duo WRONG, which is set for release on April 22nd via Xtreem Music (Avulsed, Aurora Borealis).

Listen to ‘Pessimistic Outcomes’ here.

Forged in 20012 by Phlegeton (Wormed, Banished from Inferno, Godüs…) and DP (The YTriple Corporation, Neverdie), WRONG drew inspiration from a post-apocalyptic and dystopian future to create their first full-length album “Memories Of Sorrow”, a wonderfully complex and eerie record that displays a remarkable balance between avant-garde melodies and an acerbic, grim black metal. Now, merely a year following its release, the Spanish duo returns with a new full-length album that truly exceeds expectations. Laced with an eerie, malevolent atmosphere, this new album not only displays a remarkable maturity in the songwriting, but also evidences an enormous progression in their technical and production skills. Throughout 47 minutes, WRONG blend some bleak, desolate, but still strangely beautiful melodies with some hypnotic and grim riffs and the end result is an impressive album, richly textured and masterfully-conceived.

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