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Killing Spree - French Jazz/Death Metal Project Unleashes New Album "Camouflage" on September 13

Killing Spree
, the audacious musical duo comprised of Matthieu Metzger (Klone, Orchestre National de Jazz, Louis Sclavis, Marc Ducret, etc...) and Grégoire Galichet (Kwoon, Deathcode Society, Dead Season), is set to release their anticipated new album "Camouflage" on September 13 via Klonosphere/Season of Mist.

Following the success of their EP "A Violent Legacy," which featured bold reinterpretations of classic tracks by Death and Meshuggah, "Camouflage" continues to push the envelope with a powerful blend of death-metal brutality and electrifying free jazz textures. This latest offering cements Killing Spree's reputation for combining raw intensity with innovative musicality.

In conjunction with the album release, Killing Spree has unveiled a striking new music video for their cover of Morbid Angel’s "Rapture." 

Filmed in the historic trenches of the Maginot Line in Alsace, this video captures the duo’s unfiltered energy and live performance prowess.

Watch "Rapture" music video below. 

Matthieu Metzger shares insights into their creative process: "The concept of duet covers began with the A Violent Legacy EP. I've extensively studied Meshuggah for my mastery, but the raw intensity of early Death Metal deeply resonates with me as well. We covered Death's 'Symbolic' and 'Jealousy,' which are incredible compositions, along with Meshuggah's 'Electric Red.'

"The real challenge was to play these live, showcasing what two musicians can achieve with these great classics. Grégoire, an avid Morbid Angel fan, suggested 'Rapture.' We filmed it handheld, with no edits, capturing the live show pressure on Thomas Lincker, our cameraman. Scheduling quirks brought us to Alsace, near Grégoire's home, where we found the perfect setting among Maginot Line enthusiasts; the reverb-rich environment complemented the original clip beautifully."

Killing Spree is a groundbreaking duo that merges the intense energy of metal with the experimental essence of free jazz. Formed by Matthieu Metzger and Grégoire Galichet, the band is celebrated for its dynamic performances and genre-defying soundscapes.

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